Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where have I been?

Several people have asked me where I've been lately. Yes, I'm usually a pretty prolific blogger but have been quite distracted lately. When I've not been in the front yard, driveway, or garage painting, sanding, or spackling day and night, I've been at the show house doing just about the same. This is our last week to finish so we are in semi-panic until, at least I was until today until I finally got the window treatments up and lots of the "smalls" in. Also went by the shop after to get moe stuff. We've been collecting for months but weren't sure if we had enough or too little so we need a little more, I got a little more, and am looking for a little more.
So I'm giving you a sneak peek pics until we are completely finished and ready for our close-ups supposedly on Monday. The newspapers are supposed to be there for photo ops on Monday and I have a little...umm...not exactly stage's more in line with CAMERA HOG, PUBLICITY HOUND...I'LL DO NEARLY ANYTHING TO GET INTO THE PAPER still my heart...ON T.V. Stay tuned for the full blown post of detailed photos of the finished product.