Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Who did this?

I got the most fab package in the mail today. It's a mirror from The Dixie Chicken!!!!!!!! I was having a fit because The Junk Gypsies were having a sale of their's and The Dixie Chicken's warehouse sale last weekend and I wanted so much to go. I had already been to my hometown THREE times this year after not being there for almost 20 years, so trying for another trip this year seemed to be pushing it. "But it's THE DIXIE CHICKEN", I kept telling myself. It's important to have physical memories from childhood, or rather teenhood in this case, too. So I tried to forget about it and let it go. Then today I got this package in the mail and inside was this beer mirror with the yellow handwritten tag on it as proof of authenticity. I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!! BUT, there was no name as to who it was from. Santa, is that you? It was mailed from Bryan, TX but no name and the address was from a packing service. As soon as I find out who the angel is I'll let y'all know. I have a feeling about who it is but don't want to speak too soon. Thank you, who ever you are, for the wonderful surprise gift!

It's like a whole new kitchen!!!!

Yippie, we finally got our kitchen counter and backsplash tiled after wanting it for five or six years. Here are the befores...
...and, voila, here's the new tile. We love it-so much better than the painted-by-me-former-hunter green-then white-formica. So much more like having something nice that was done by a professional which this was. Ya' gotta know your limitations.
As usual we are asking ourselves why we waited so long (actually I know the answer to that) because it's so fun to look at.

Monday, November 30, 2009

In the blink of an eye...

Lucas has always been the center in a group of girls and the above photo is justs one of many pictures I have proof of it. He went to Karen's house when I was working the lunch shift at Margo's in Pacific Grove, CA. He's between two and three in this photo; that's Katy (middle daughter of Karen's). Also in the photo, with her back to the camera, is his cousin and my niece, Maya. Lizzie was the youngest of Karen's and Maya, Lizzie, Katy, and Lucas all stay in touch via Facebook and email. Maya turns 28! this week, Lucas turns 26 in two weeks. They are real live adults now; they must be older than me because I think I'm still 26 or 28 or somewhere around there.
Here's my first born, Lucas, holding Maya's three year old, Ben. He's just about the age Lucas was in the first photo and just as full of energy (don't let the fact that Lucas was sitting in the previous photo fool you). In the blink of an eye, Lucas, Ben will be your age and you'll be mine. Enjoy every bit. I love you and miss you so.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pink Friday

I hope y'all had a great Turkey Day; we did. Actually the holidays are not usually my favorite times and this year, unfortunately, this year was no exception. With my family living out west and my two older boys, one in Oregon and one in Texas, are usually elsewhere, it's not like holidays I have in mind. This year loosing Uncle Robbie made it harder. But we press on, the four of us. Paul and his dad take care of the turkey while I do all else (Deal or No Deal?) and we had a great meal. While all was cooking the boys started watching something that was boring to me but in the meantime I read the latest copy of Romantic Home with the cute Christmas stockings on the cover. I thought they were something that had to be order, but, alas, they were to be made. I was overcome with the need for a fun new project through their inspiration. I got out a big stack of fabric remnants and antique hankies and did my first stocking. Once I got my own way of doing it with the first one the others were a snap. By this afternoon I had 8 done. Creative therapy. I got through Thanksgiving and will be able to have turkey sandwiches for a few days-yeah!
As long as I'm being a bit of a buz-kill, I'm so like Seinfeld. Everwhere you go for days before folks are saying, "Happy Thanksgiving". Then for two weeks after they ask how your Thanksgiving was, "You have a good Thanksgiving?". Bah, there should be a one day allowance on each side of the day 'cause the same darn thing happens at Christmas and New Year's. I want to go to San Diego for Christmas-bet amoung yourselves.
Hate the shopping but love to offer gift items for the holidays, so good things do come out this time of the year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next Up and Not To Be Missed

In past years this has been a very popular event; loads of food, drink, and fun; see you there!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Check it out!

Here's an article that was in our local magazine last week!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ups and Way Downs

I know there are a lot of photos of the world's smallest retail space but I felt such a need to catch up and fill my little space here after a long hiatus. The hiatus will be explained at the bottom. Until then please enjoy what has kept me as sane as possible these last three months!
I might have lightly mentioned in a previous post that Paul's Uncle Robbie had come to live with us in August after living his entire 82 years in NYC, 42 in the same apartment. We discovered that he had not been eating or drinking and he was severely dehydrated and malnourished. After a stay in the hospital to get him up and running at least somewhat he came to live with us. What a wonderful soul; what a wonderful person, just as sweet as a guy can be. We quickly discovered that he was suffering from dementia and that was part of his not eating or drinking-to him he was but in reality he wasn't. He had good days and bad and some of both. But his eyes lit up like it was Christmas when we walked into the room. More and more he depended on us to take care of him but he was always cheerful and easy. He was in and out of the hospital with infections which, after 3 months, his body could no longer fight. We lost him last Wednesday morning. During his quiet, peaceful times I worked on art and collages to keep myself sane during the really challenging parts and would run up to the shop when Paul got home at night to take over care. It was truly a blessing that we had these months to be with him (Matt and I'd only met him once before; Paul saw him more and kept in contact with him several times a week-his wife passed away 6 years ago and they had no children) and get to know and experience such grace and love unbound. I kept up with what I could during that time but the guys came first (we still have Paul's 91 year old dad living with us-in fine health, too), this blog seemed to come last. I just didn't want to share what we were going through and I didn't want to not acknowledge it so I didn't do much. Hopefully I'll get back into my overdoing it and keeping you coming back. Next up is a tour of how the shop is gearing up in a big way for the holidays. Blessings to you and your families and don't take one minute of health for granted.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all thrilled (pun intended) that we got tickets to see the MJ movie Friday night. It's like a dream come true after the nightmare of loosing him. This is the closest we've/we'll ever be to seeing him in concert. Maybe better as far as viewing since we'll be in a theater and we will all be able to see it close up. What a blessing for all us fans...I'll let you know what we think. I hope everyone who wants to see it gets the chance.

Party pics from the Balto Big Flea

Here are the pics from last weekend's Baltimore Big Flea. These are mostly of my area. You have to visit The Pink Cabbage Blog to see more wonderful vignettes. Karen, Jody, and I did the show. There were supposed to be two more Cabbagettes but they had other plans come up at the last minute. Good thing we always have enough stuff to fill in the spaces! It was not a great show overall for most folks there sales wise but socially it's always fun too see all the folks who run with this circuit/circus!

Monday, October 5, 2009

What's next

A group of us at The Cabbage are doing the Big Flea only instead of DC this time we are going to Timonium Fairgrounds which is in Baltimore. I have just enough (ha) time to get some new things together. I shouldn't laugh at myself; I was just making some new art this morning. Better come check it out!

While I was gone...

...The Pink Cabbage had a party to celebrate three years in business. I hated to miss it but my trip had been scheduled since my mother's birth so I couldn't change my plans. They had the outside looking particularly fetching with tables and chairs for Cup Cakes and Coffee, as the affair was called.
On the left here is our ringleader, Jody. She does a fab job of advertising, fundraising, a fun parties in general. She's here with her cohorts and helpers.
It looks like...
...a fun time...
...was had by all.

Bryan/College Station

$357 for plane ticket from Houston to Baltimore (walked off the plane in Houston on my way back from Santa Fe). $226 for a non-reservation rental car. Time spent with childhood friends-priceless. This is me with Becky, on my right, and her brother, Sam, and our friend since forever, Betty Ann. I hadn't seen Betty Ann in 25 years and longer since I'd seen Sam. It was amazing, to say the least.
The cherry was that Justin met me there. I didn't get any pictures of Justin or us together but we did stay in this area during all of our free time we had. We stayed with Becky and she's got a beautiful house and an amazing back yard. If was hot enough to swim the first day and to sit with feet in at least the rest of the time. It feels just like the resort that it looks like.
This the Texas Star bush in Becky's garden; it had the most blooms on it at one time for the whole year; it was so beautiful. Every time I'm in B/CS it is home. I am at home. Why does that happen to some people that they can't get their hometown out of their hearts. I hear of many people who move back or retire where they grew up or where their most heartfelt home was. Home is supposed to be where your husband and child are. But when two of three of your children aren't home and you don't like where you live how do you reconcile the feelings? Did I mention that I kept getting lost there? It's grown like crazy yet I stay the same.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Santa Fe

The first stop after flying into Albuquerque was to find the house where my mom lived in junior high. She was thrilled to be able to see it and I had fun seeing it too. We didn't knock on the door; she was happy just see the outside.
This is the garden at the house where my mom had lived; it was particularly fetching so I snapped it.
If you read the comment from Patrice on the post about me going to Santa Fe, you'll see that she recommended particularly the blue, pinon nut pancakes at Tacolote. As you can see from above, we went there. My mom already knew to go there. I'm here to tell you, she knew ALL the places to go!
And there they are on the menu...
...and on my plate. Wow, were they delicious and big!
Patrice also said to eat at Pasqual but I'd heard Mom talk about it more than a few times so I knew we'd be going there. Well, we did. Here we are at Pasqual for Mom's birthday breakfast.
Fab food and art. I got the greatest thermometer earrings at their gallery.
Here's mom making birthday dinner reservations. Altogether we had one of each meals there. The Shed was the other place where we ate one of each meals.
Here's my favorite corner; Pasqual on one side and Doodlet's on the other.
Doodlet's was new since the last time my mom had been to Santa Fe but, guess who, The Travel Wizard, Patrice, told me it was a must-go. There are times when I'm quite dutiful and this was one of those times!
It was so me. That's a pretty big self-compliment. I should say that Doodlet's was a total candy store to me. Everything was special, unusual, and fab. I got a few things there but could have less restraint. I knew I still had a lot more SF to see and still great places to visit in Texas too.
We went to The Basilica...
...saw so many beautiful carvings, alters,...
...a processions,...
...and the famous, miracle staircase. It was as amazing as a miracle and has to be seen in person to be believed.
We spent one full day walking the gallery area and saw so much great art it made my head spin, like the piece above.
While walking we also saw beautiful flora from afar and...
...close up. Still don't know what this is but it was sure perty.
So was this. No berry eating though.
You can't swing a dead coyote without hitting a gaudy Texan wherever you go.
This is another interesting sight; I thought it said "Hudson", Mom said it was a Cadillac Fleetwood. Either way it was a sweet ride...
...but then so is this. That's it for SF. Next up-Texas.