Friday, November 27, 2009

Pink Friday

I hope y'all had a great Turkey Day; we did. Actually the holidays are not usually my favorite times and this year, unfortunately, this year was no exception. With my family living out west and my two older boys, one in Oregon and one in Texas, are usually elsewhere, it's not like holidays I have in mind. This year loosing Uncle Robbie made it harder. But we press on, the four of us. Paul and his dad take care of the turkey while I do all else (Deal or No Deal?) and we had a great meal. While all was cooking the boys started watching something that was boring to me but in the meantime I read the latest copy of Romantic Home with the cute Christmas stockings on the cover. I thought they were something that had to be order, but, alas, they were to be made. I was overcome with the need for a fun new project through their inspiration. I got out a big stack of fabric remnants and antique hankies and did my first stocking. Once I got my own way of doing it with the first one the others were a snap. By this afternoon I had 8 done. Creative therapy. I got through Thanksgiving and will be able to have turkey sandwiches for a few days-yeah!
As long as I'm being a bit of a buz-kill, I'm so like Seinfeld. Everwhere you go for days before folks are saying, "Happy Thanksgiving". Then for two weeks after they ask how your Thanksgiving was, "You have a good Thanksgiving?". Bah, there should be a one day allowance on each side of the day 'cause the same darn thing happens at Christmas and New Year's. I want to go to San Diego for Christmas-bet amoung yourselves.
Hate the shopping but love to offer gift items for the holidays, so good things do come out this time of the year.

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