Friday, March 2, 2012

If you think retail therapy doesn't work then you aren't doing it right.

Oy. Yesterday was pretty bad but, by bedtime, it was horrible. Lucas and I were completely freaked out that he could have an aneurism at any time because we have no faith in this neurologist he's had who is a major, thinks-he's-God, ass. Through my new obsession (and almost to the point of being over saturated), Pinterest, I have found a worse effect of this obsession-it leads to buying these lovely things I admire on there. Such has been the case the last few weeks. And now I need a hoarder intervention. Oy.
But do you see that elephant with the pink tutu and crown on the pink box?!!!!! It came from Racky Road on Etsy. And that stuffed elephant I got from Earth Angel Toys. I'm not sure when my interest in pachyderms started; maybe three or so years ago. It started with one majolica-like figurine and has snow-balled since then. These were products found through the aforementioned Pinterest. Check out the earrings on Evelyn the stuff elephant! Okay, yep, these things are what I like to look at when life seems really gloomy and appears that the real sun of life may not ever shine as brightly again as it used to. They are only things but they are a little pieces of beauty that someone made to make the world a sunnier place and sometimes, when you really need it, it works.