Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mo random party pics from Texas

Souveniers of Round Top

This was my first purchase at Round Top, the car headlight. Yes, it spoke to me; it's round which is always a no-brainer, it's old-another n-b'r, and the color. There's no way to explain it to someone who doesn't get it and no need to for those who do.
My third purchase was this "Hoova". Yes, it's a Hoover but I have to say it like the British as, "I'm doing my hoovaing.". It's round, old, chippy, beautiful blue, yada, spoke to me.
This was my second purchase-I mean-come on! You know I do the 3-D collage art using just these kinds of figurines in my shadow boxes. Well this one is mine, all mine I tell you, mine I say! And is he too perfect on top of the Hoova? It's the first scuba diver figure they ever made, or so the woman told me. I can make up different stories about how they go's perfectly normal and people do this all the time-really-I read it online. But seriously, he can be an alien and that's his space ship or he's a diver and that's the ocean that he can dive into-see, completely normal.
The pink lace tablecloth attached itself to my wallet. I knew it would be just another way for me to further infuse pink into the dining room just as I'm letting more and more pink creep into the house so the boys might not notice it so much. This did not come from Round Top, it came new secret place near home (the home that I physically live in). I love how it's Majolica-like and all the colors and I don't make up stories about it.
It loves living on top of the faux t.v. and I love it too. I brought home a couple of other prizes that I'll share. The coup de gras is being shipped; I'll share all when they get here. Most of all what I brought home from Round Top was endless inspiration which I've been using on the house this week. Oh boy!

Oops, my slip is showing already...

P.S. The weather here still sucks. That's not being negative is it? Becky? I talked to Justin yesterday and he said it was in the 80's there. I'm a 70's girl myself but I'll take it hotter over 50's, gray, and rainy. The good news...umm...I know it's here somewhere...oh, I was so inspired by all I saw in Round Top that I've been working on my house without having to worry about the yard yet. As Nene would say, "I'm lucky!".