Monday, October 5, 2009

Bryan/College Station

$357 for plane ticket from Houston to Baltimore (walked off the plane in Houston on my way back from Santa Fe). $226 for a non-reservation rental car. Time spent with childhood friends-priceless. This is me with Becky, on my right, and her brother, Sam, and our friend since forever, Betty Ann. I hadn't seen Betty Ann in 25 years and longer since I'd seen Sam. It was amazing, to say the least.
The cherry was that Justin met me there. I didn't get any pictures of Justin or us together but we did stay in this area during all of our free time we had. We stayed with Becky and she's got a beautiful house and an amazing back yard. If was hot enough to swim the first day and to sit with feet in at least the rest of the time. It feels just like the resort that it looks like.
This the Texas Star bush in Becky's garden; it had the most blooms on it at one time for the whole year; it was so beautiful. Every time I'm in B/CS it is home. I am at home. Why does that happen to some people that they can't get their hometown out of their hearts. I hear of many people who move back or retire where they grew up or where their most heartfelt home was. Home is supposed to be where your husband and child are. But when two of three of your children aren't home and you don't like where you live how do you reconcile the feelings? Did I mention that I kept getting lost there? It's grown like crazy yet I stay the same.

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