Friday, March 20, 2009

That was sooooo last week...

The last couple of weeks have been hard. I'm not even going to try to be enlightenedly politically correct by having proper perspective-I tried that. It was better in the end to just feel what I felt and then I knew it wasn't going to last. That part was easy, thankfully, that I could pinpoint the weather as the biggest offender to my disposition. We had only seen the sun a couple of times in the past couple of weeks and still cold-still the PTCWFS with some other coincidental challenges thrown in. I was really feeling sorry for myself last week and early this week; that's why I didn't blog-I knew it was a bad combo platter of mid-life crisis, menopause, ill-intentioned folks, and cold dreary weather but was pretty sure it was temporary. I always had/have Texas coming up to look forward to-that's gets me through most anything.
Sooooooooo, if it looks like I've done nothing but shop stuff, you're pretty close. Although I did do the "mental health day" on Monday-in bed with books and mags, I was off and running by Tuesday getting the shop ready for a new influx of furniture, picked up said furniture on Wednesday (even at 10 miles away it was a harrowing experience) and at the shop 'til 11 that night hauling out old and display pieces and rearranging the new.I know I just redid the shop last week following the DCBF but I was ready for A WHOLE NEW LOOK, one I've wanted for years but didn't have the chance until now. I've always loved the look of a bed set up with furniture inside as a vignette. I've got a really nice woman I consign for who is paring down prepping for a big move so that's where the furniture came from. Beautiful antiques. The gorgeous bed has been retro-fitted to be a queen size! Plus, plus, plus...just a fresh look.
It's a cheaper form of retail therapy-be the one selling not buying-although there have been so many new things coming into the shop that I can't say I haven't been using a little of that therapy too.
We finally saw a peek of the sun and slight warmth on Wednesday, just enough to get us through yesterday-dreary rain and cold-and today it's sunny but still in the 40's-ugh but climbing the next few days. Calgone, take me to Texas!
In the end I'm very much aware of perspective but I also have to admit what are real feelings and do what I can to get to the other side and keep it together as best I can until it passes. If you have these feelings, please don't ignore them, share with someone sympathetic whom you trust what you are feeling-just talking about it can help. You don't have to be starving, homeless, or on the battlefield to justify feeling very down-you must not feel guilty because your life is otherwise relatively good or even great but you feel bad. It's called depression, temporary or not and should not be ignored. This too shall pass, pass it with a loved one.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Hey there, friend! I'm so sorry you were feeling low last week. I'm not going to say you could have called me (oops, did I just say it?). I am so glad you understand that there is no sort of "feelings-ometer" that determines whether or not what you are feeling is appropriate or deserving of attention... We don't choose what we feel and all of our feelings are valid. Sometimes you just have to ride it out - as much as it sucks. Texas is right around the corner, isn't it??? xoxo-Mellie

Maija said...

Right on. You are always welcome in my home here in sunny Phoenix, like 360 days a year!

Doojies said...

Thank you so much, Mellie, for confirming what I was thinking and being so supportive. Texas IS right around the corner, the first week in April with Matt, Patrice and Molly coming and Paul bringing up the rear. That will get me through lots of sucky times!

And thanks too, Maija, for the open invitation-I have Southwest Air on speed dial at all times; I would at least call you in flight. It's good to know there's another safe haven out there with a fab friend waiting.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful, loving, accepting friends, love to you both, Stephanie

gleeps said...

You are not alone, Stephanie. I get overwhelmed by life sometimes too. Hang in there - grand times are ahead of you.

The stars at night, are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!

I am so looking forward to our Roundtop adventure! - Patrice

Doojies said...

Oh, Patrice, thank you! My family is sooooo tired of hearing me sing that song! I can't wait to show you how true those words are. Hugs, Stephanie