Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New shtuff at the Pink Cabbage

Boy have I been busy the last few days! I worked at the Pink Cabbage Saturday and part of Sunday and we were so busy and made so many sales I thought I'd better get moving on my "to do" projects and get 'em in there. Here are just some of the fruits of my labor: Anyone out there 50 or so? Remember these little school desk chairs?
Crazy Aunt Esther is all dolled up and ready for adoption for some lucky family.
Another "inanimate" object dressed up, Mr. Bottle.
Making lamps is one of my favorite things to do, here we have an antique Sunbeam mix master lamp...every kitchen needs one.
A WHITE vanity, are you kidding me? I know that neutral colors sell better but I can't help myself.
What I like to think of as my "signature" artwork, antique figurines incorporated...well...with anything.
And, just in case a mix master lamp is not strange enough, here we have doll beds and heads. There's more but you'll have to make the trip to see the rest...


Anonymous said...

I'm not 50 and I remember those little desk chairs!

teresa mcfayden said...

okay gimme 2 dollyheads and a pink chair to go please...have a great sale!