Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day-Surreal Adventure

The night before we drove into Silver Spring and spent the night at Paul's office. Not showing here was that Matt and I shared this LOVE SEAT. To say the least, not much sleep was had that night and up at 5 a.m. on The Big Day.
Paul and Matt on the metro subway at dark-thirty.
And while the Metro was packed it was a very jovial, friendly, happy crowd. So many folks from so many different places; everyone was sharing their stories and happiness.
Hard to see but this is what wall to wall underground looks like...not for the claustrophobic...but I managed by focusing on the reason for the trip.
These two friends were too much fun to miss capturing them on camera; they loved entertaining as much as we loved watching them. Every person was a friend that day. There was just nothing but the feeling of peace, joy, hopefulness, and happiness. The testimony for that is that there was not one single arrest during this event which was estimated at almost 2,000,000 people and in Washington D.C., the crime capital of the U.S., no less. I heard that there were a few kids who got lost from their families but that everyone was returned safely. Also the National Guard and other military officers did a great job, very helpful, friendly, and upbeat-it wasn't exactly Bagdad but it couldn't have been an easy job either and they did it with much grace and dignity-befitting of the event-as if we were all invited guests which we were and, as it turned out, all socially graced.Yep, we were there before daylight and it was a good thing.
Walking around until we could get into the building where we were invited, we found where they had the floats waiting for the parade-here are Matt and I standing in front of the...well you see.
Now this one says USO but I'm pretty sure it was made for me. Unfortunately I didn't have my pretty, pretty princess dress with me so I didn't push the issue about riding in it.
This sign caught my eye and just added to the uplifting feelings of the day.Here's where we were; you can see where we are in relation to the capital building.
But we had plenty of binoculars, telescopes, and, of course, big screen t.v.'s to see it any way we wanted to. I took this while our new president was actually taking oath (or so we thought at the time). And, yes Julia, I did cry. Not boo hoo, but I was certainly moved by the moment and the whole atmosphere of the event...there was a Kleenex involved however.
There was quite a bit of jeering from the crowd when the heli lifted W. off to Tejas...
...and flew by the window. Lots of, "Good riddance to...", stuff. Not that I'm sorry to see him go other than I can no longer tout that I know the president, but he still has to live with himself and we don't, so let him go. All's I got left is kissing Clint Eastwood on the lips...well at least that one will never fly off in a heli. So many wondered how I got the ultra conservative to go with me, the rabid liberal socialist, to the inauguration-hey, he may be dumb but he's not so stupid as to pass up this "godfather" proposition! P.S. Friend and neighbor, Michael, said that the concert last Sunday on the mall was wonderful. I just watched it on HBO; they are showing it now under the title of We Are One and I highly recommend it, amazing artists including Stevie! It really shows the general feeling of how our hearts are renewed with hope for our nation. I am once again, after many years of not, proud to be an American.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

There is not a shade of green invented to describe my envy! I don't know what I'm more envious of - watching our new president being sworn in or watching our old one head back to Texas! I've been anxiously awaiting your photos and they didn't disappoint... What a beautiful day in America! xo-Mellie

Julia said...

You survived! Great pics. Shortest blog post ever! I know you're exhausted from the emotions of the day.

Did you cry? (dumb question)

xoxo, Julia