Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meet Sofie and JustAskDoug

Voila, here's Sofie, Kristen's bff sitting with Justin New Year's Eve in Austin. She's the reason for the trip there and what a great reason. She was gracious enough to take us all in including the three dogs we brought with us and all the kids were gracious enough to take Mom along with all their fun friends to play that night and then down to The Drag New Year's morning for breakfast. As beautiful inside as out, wow, just like Justin...what a coincidence! They are just (Lucas) and bff (Kristen) are the couple.
When we left Austin we stopped in Salado to meet (well, they all knew each other, I was meeting) Sofie's dad, Doug, and step-mom, Carol. Now I had already experienced Doug and Carol through YouTube and was a huge fan of them and their creation of JustAskDoug. If you don't click on there and give them a try you are sorely missing out; they are hilarious in their dry, droll vacation just gotta watch them!
Doug makes his living as a dentist and Carol sang opera in New York. Small world: Carol knows the opera singer who used to live two doors down from us, but you can imagine how small the opera world is, not many make it that high. Doug wanted me to make sure that the dead plant was in the picture-you MUST see their vidies to see why. Leaving comments on their YouTube site is most appreciated also. Yet another fabulous experience while I was there-Sofie, Doug, and Carol.

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