Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Full My Heart...The Best Mother's Day Gift

This came in the mail yesterday and, of course, the first thing I had to do was burst into tears. My heart is bursting with pride for Kristen but also for my son who has been her boyfriend for almost three years.
I hope some day she will be my daughter legally but I'm happy just to have her in my life and to have know her as I do. Not to take away any of the very hard work she's done the last four years but I'm also proud of my son, Lucas, for quitting school and going back to work full time to support Kristen through this last year of school. And I also have the personal guilt of pride that our family-us and Lucas' dad and step-mom, Jim and Tammy-have also helped whenever we could, however we could, when they really needed it. They would wait until the they were out of options before they would call. She's family and that's what families do. We love her and are so proud of her. Congratulations Sweetheart! P.S. She's taking finals this week while fighting the flu (remember the swine flu in Texas?). P.S.S. Those of you who don't know about Texas A&M-it is a very hard school to get into and harder to stay in and even harder to graduate with honors.

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Linda said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting. I wish she was graduating at 2 p.m....we'll be in Reed Arena at 2 to see our daughter get her Masters in Education Administration!!!