Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas, I mean Maryland

Photo courtesy of Teresa McFayden; used with permission.

Off I go tomorrow at dark-thirty to Nebraska!!!! And on my 51st birthday no less and the morning after the election no less and by myself no less. Sooooooooooo much still left to do but sitting here doing this and chillin' with Andre', my oldest adopted son, with piles of clothes ready to levitate themselves into suitcases, still gotta vote and have birthday lunch with Janine (we have the same birthday, remember). So I'll wrap it here and update when I can, probably the first chance will be in Omaha on Thursday or Friday before I get to Stromsburg where I hope they have something I can plug into since I'll be there five days playing with all my ancestors and recharging my soul-oh boy!!!!

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Wanda said...

Have a safe trip and I can't to meet you in Omaha.