Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!

Who does a body need to talk with to find out exactly how long it takes to get from Maryland to Omaha, Nebraska? I guess there is some sort of intervention going on because I might never crank the truck engine if I knew exactly how long it takes. Last year my mom was with me and we kept up somewhat but did a lot of side trips when we left Omaha (in case you've been living under a rock for a year) so we weren't right on top of it. MapQuest says 16 hours, Google said 18 hours. Wednesday I drove 11 hours (actual drive time) and yesterday I drove at least 12 (actual drive time). I'm not Stephen Hawking but that's doesn't add up to 16 or 18. Okay, than was then, this is now. I'm here, and having had a good night's sleep, I'm headed out into the world they call Omaha; some known some unknown. Hobby Lobby, check, numero uno, it's what kept me going in the dark and tired last night not the Metallica concert across the street at the QWest Center. I know, totally uncool, but for me HL rocks way more than Metallica. Again, sorry to offend some folks' sensibilities. Tomorrow is onto Stromsburg for five days-yahooooooooooooo. This trip also marks the start of a deep spiritual journey I've decided to undertake. More on that later...gotta get to you-know-where.

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Tina said...

Have fun and don't spend too much at HobLob~