Friday, September 12, 2008

Swami Party is a hit!

How great it is to have a fun party after all the hard work we've all done the last few weeks. It was perfect to have some corny laughs and cut loose after the stress. Okay, serious, corny laughs. Here comes the Swami down the stairs making his regal entrance.
I had to get the full-on view. He either takes his swaminess very seriously or my chi was harshing his mellow, either way I've got to get me one of those hats.
Lord Carroll was the swami's assistant (co-conspirator is what he really was). Being the assistant gets you a cool outfit but not the same league of hat.
It was Carroll's job to pick objects from different rooms then have the swami come in and guess which object Carroll had picked. He got it 100%-can you imagine? We were sooooo impressed or was that the Budweiser?
Carroll wonders which desert Swami will pick.
Mary gets a kick out of singing, "Swami, how I love ya', how I love ya'", every time he comes into the room. Her hubby Chris got tired of it but she and I never did.
Photo op of me in my room. I don't know how y'all do it in other states but cowboy boots go with every occasion even Swami parties. It's either the boots or I'm gonna have to have the state tattooed on my forehead. I guess I could have put my long neck beer down but who wants to spill on Karen's area rug?
These guys, Brian and Randy, ended up stealing the show by having their own (bar) trick that had us going way too long. They totally used us, especially Randy, saying they had to hug and touch us to get our aura to figure out which gumdrop we had picked out of 9 while they weren't looking. We never did catch on; but after enough petting they told us; very clever. I don't think they had felt like such heroes since their college bar days. Ahh...good food, good drink, good times, good folks, good for the soul.


shelleyo said...

dang, stephanie! you look like you're 25 years old. How the heck are you doing that??

I'd love to see the showhouse - don't know if I can make it happen.

Doojie said...

Welllllllll, I did loose quite a bit of weight plus having more hair by way of faux hair helps too. I'll let you know when we are planning a field trip to the show house and hopefully you can join us. Thanks for your comments!! Love, Stephanie

Dang, heck, you must be from Texas!