Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Show House, Schmow House?

I truly hope I haven't overloaded y'all with show house stuff. It has been a three month project after all, tons of work, and the fun part is all about to begin. Tonight is the gala preview party. All the mucky mucks from all around gather in their pretty party dresses (mostly the women) and eat, drink, and see pretty rooms. But mainly what I wanted to say here is that I finally uploaded the rest of the show house photos onto my Flickr. Alls you gotta do is click on my Flickr button on the side bar, go where it takes you, select the show house from the sets options, and view away. I hope you enjoy. The ones marked s.r. are indicating Sitting Room, of course, the room we did but you can also view those on the separate post here. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for gala party pics...

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