Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh my ward...when the cats are away...

Well all the daddies are away this week so that means eating out. Cedric is "away" (a.k.a., can't say or I'll have to kill you kinda stuff) so I'm Alec's guardian for the month. So here are Matt, Alec, big brother Andre', and me on one of our outing eats. I don't do much c...o...o...k...i...n...g anyway; I mean after 25 years it gets uninspiring and old so I really don't cook when I don't have to. We were laughing about being the all-American family out for dinner.When our daddy is out of town, the cat really plays. I'm not sure why I let his dynamics take over from the beginning (actually, I used to be a lot more passive but not so much now) but, of course, he expects a new meal on the table every night then for me to be available should there be a t.v. show he wants to watch with me in the room; I still don't quite get it but I go along most of the time. But when he's gone I go nuts. Well, not too nuts; I usually, as is the case this week, paint rooms. I painted three rooms in three days. I feed the kids whatever, they do their own homework, shower themselves, go to bed, and I can stay up as late as I want doing whatever I want without any questions or microscopes. It's a bit of a holiday for me. I know this sounds harsh but I'm just very independent and what to do whatever the hell I want to do all the time but I try to be fair and compromise most the time. Except for the travel times!
And my little ward here, Alec, did harsh my holiday a little by throwing up at school yesterday so I had to pick him up. He laid in the middle of the torn up family room watching t.v. with a trash can nearby and recovered quite nicely while I finished painting. Subsequently, today I had to pick him up from school and take him to the doctor so I was behind finishing the third room. Here he is showing off his Elmo sticker for being so good at the doctor. She found that he's got Bronchitis so it's a good thing I pressed the visit. Tomorrow will be spent trying to find a drug store that caters to military insurance so I can get him started on his much-needed RXs. Wasted a lot of time today getting turned down but I've got a better trail to follow tomorrow.
So here's the fruit of my labor in the family room. I had a good excuse (like I need one to paint every room every year), they don't make the previous color paint anymore and I couldn't find the formula so I HAD to go with a new color, charcoal gray. It's darker, but being a person who is stimulated by color, I love it. And there's nothing better than a fresh coat of paint; I find it very gratifying. And the color really make everything pop.
And my kind of t.v. The dark colors in the room really look good against the charcoal. And above the t.v. are two of my latest obsessions-John Derian's work now available at TARGET-run. So I'm happy with it and when I'm happy I like to share it with y'all. Be happy too. Paint a room!


Julia said...

Of course you painted 3 rooms in your house......after looking at the pictures of the showhouse, I want to set mine on fire! I love every room, but of course am most fond of the sitting room :). that your hair? Because I am loving it....on your skinny face.

Where are the other 2 rooms you painted?

Show more! Julia

Doojie said...

I know, I'm the same way; when I see a new house I always want to come home and set fire too! I also painted the entryway hallway and the dining room. The dining room is the same colors only freshly painted and the hallway is chocolate brown and I couldn't photographic well. NO that's not my hair unless I'm up for a Guinnes Book of World Records record. I'm liking this wig thing, most folks can't tell and since I've lost so much weight it's nice to have more hair than normal and less body than normal!

Kara Ward said...

I love the is so nice with the white accents. I am moving to your house...wink wink


Wanda said...

We are a military family and we were stationed in Birmingham AL for a few years (no military..blah)...I got my prescriptions filled at Target. They take Tricare and I'm pretty sure that Walmart will probably do it as well. It is a pain finding places to take Tricare in the civilian world. I hope you are enjoying your "alone" time...that's what I call it when my husband is gone. :)

Doojie said...

Thank you, Wanda, for the tip. Our Target didn't take it as it's Tri Care Prime, which apparently makes a difference. Rite Aid did fill it for us finally and at only $3 per script. Made up for the gas to get there.

Come on over, Kara, I am in desparate need of some estrogen over here! I'd love the female companionship...hurry!