Sunday, January 21, 2007

Important suggestions that I had overlooked...

My bad. I've been remiss in mentioning earlier in these first few days of blogging some very important suggestions. I am bossy but I'm trying to not be on this blog. But, my opinion is that everyone should watch Oprah every day. Now I can't watch it every day myself but I try to watch it as many days as possible without scheduling my life around it. They show re-runs so don't get discouraged, the best ones come around more than once. She does do some make-over and celebrity days but even then there is usually a socially-justifiable element attached. On normal days she shares, what I believe, quite valuable information, at the least, and many times amazing occurrences, experiences, and information that I probably would not get from any other source with the added element of empowerment for women. Okay, I could go on all day. Let's just say that if Oprah says to do, read, see something, I do it and I feel that I and the world is so blessed to have her. And, okay, I swear this is it about Oprah for now, her XM radio station is brilliant. I only hear it when I'm in the car but the Gayle King and Dr. Robin interviews and shows are very inspirational. I've been lucky enough to catch Gayle's interviews with Andrew Young, Chris Gardiner, and the guests from the girls' school opening ceremonies in South Africa. And Dr. Robin is down-to-earth, common sense-driven, and comforting. Next, I think everyone should read the Sunday edition of The Washington Post. Not to put too fine a point on it but I think it would be helpful for folks outside of the DC area to read about some of the more personal aspects of the compost heap that is our nation's capital. Also, there are two very funny articles, one rather artistically random-The Style Invitational-the other, politically satirical-The Zeitgeist Checklist. They are the balance for the hoards of bad news. It's leanings are liberal for this area but, I believe, reveal a little more inside the heads of those at the helm than most of the overview articles that other out-of-the-area, mainstream papers offer. We get a little more up-close and personal. And the blood that squirts out here leaks out to the rest of the nation and it's a little more than scary. We need even more help than you think! Check it out. The Metro and the Outlook sections are most important for edification. And, until the next installment, you gotta watch Gilmore Girls. Check your t.v. listings and catch the re-runs at two different times each day (tivo or record if needed, but please...) and new ones starting again this week on Tuesday nights on the New CW (your welcome, C Dub). Non-guilty, intelligent, wry humor. Have a blessed life. I mean it, right now!

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