Friday, February 23, 2007

Girlfriends, Cake, and Art, Oh My!

I just checked Mellie's (Little Melfie's) blog and so I cannot be outdone by her critique of yesterday. What fun (Nini-look away)!!!!!!!! It's so fun to be with Hope and it had been way too long since we had spent time together. And to be able to have a girly get-together with Mellie and Hope...well...picture the feelings from a perfect birthday for an 8 year old (minus the best friend in hospital) and you'll get the idea of what kind of time we had. Like a giggle fest. Hope is so creative and talented, it's amazing to watch her process, she and her art are perfectly fused. So we have this great meal and time at Eggspectations then Hope says, "Let's the three of us go to Borders and buy the new issue of Somerset Studios.". How cute is that? Three girlfriends share the thrill of purchasing the latest issue of our that's smellin' roses. Art Bar girls, eat your hearts out!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Um, I think you and Hope far surpassed my critique of our incredibly fun lunch!! I didn't know how to talk about Borders without mentioning the woman who, because I was blocking the aisle, could only speak in grunts to ask me to get out of the way! Wish you were there for that!! xo-Mellie