Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Red Alert!!!! New eBay listings!!!!!

Never say die-that's my motto. Financial bust in Freddyburg but, much as I prefer human interaction over computers, I've listed just a few of my new art pieces on eBay. Just type in "collage art" and peruse 'til you find me or go onto the advanced search and select search by seller and type in "doojies" to see what's what. Tell your friends-pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese. This is at least until I get my tutorial for my website which is under construction. Drag me into the 21st century damnit...Oh, oh, oh, when you're not on the computer you MUST watch Taladega Nights-I cannot believe that I haven't mentioned it in previous posts but I guess the fact that Mellie and I reenacted the whole movie for our poor friends over the weekend made me remember to mention it now. Shut up Grandpa before I go ape-shit on your ass...

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