Friday, April 13, 2007

Nene's Abode ~ The Last Stand

This is the swirl of encyclopedias with the beautiful bust in the powder room that I had mentioned in a previous post.
This is a better photo of the Matisse that J's friend, Gabi, painted and is in the powder room.
Last stand because the home is not at all as it was before these vulturest swooped in several days ago and took her perfectly appointed home and tore it limb by limb . Left is Nene and me. Right is Nene, Nancy, and Karen. We are equal opportunity grab~and~buyers but we were very polite and took time to assess what was most important to whom. There was a time or two of grabbage but there was also plenty to go around. Nene (Nene and Janine and J are the same people~it's random how I use them~deal) and Woody had a lot of stuff in storage for a long time and this house allowed Nene to empty storage, go through boxes, and spread out all her fabulous collections. Now, suddenly and quickly they have to cram all their treasures into a house half the size. That's where the benevolent vultures come in. I had been phoning and emailing Karen trying to coordinate a caravan with her and Nancy out to J's and hadn't heard back from her. We had tentatively set it for Tuesday but I hadn't gotten a confirmation. So I tried to call Karen about the time I had suggested and when she didn't answer I called J to see if she'd heard from them and she said they were on their way! Well, I jumped in my car and drove the speed limit as fast as I could and thankfully got there while they were still in tour mode. Okay, a couple of claims had been made but nothing I couldn't live with. But by the time we left with our car loads of wonderfully priced treasures, the house was not the same. That's how I can make the promise of this being the last installation of this house. Above left is a photo of a vignette that I had tried to place on the previous posts but the pic hadn't come out. It's just little wooden stand that J "No.5'd".
Below is another photo that had previously not come out. This one depicts well J's craft paper roll-ups, handmade curtain panels, custom No.5 chandelier, and custom put-together clock table in the living room.
Another book vignette that's tucked in beside teh piano. This is the wonderful piano that Woody surprised Nene with for her birthday. It's electric and can be played traditionally or many manner of instrumental sounds~it's so great.

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