Wednesday, April 4, 2007

P.S. Nana, nana, boo, boo!

Warning to customers past, present, and future: You snooze, you loose~I win!!!! So sorry but I'm gonna gloat a little (what's "little" mean again?) here. I am so happy with my new put-together that I have to share.
I bought the base legs, printer's drawer, dresser mirror, and antique French folding chair at very separate times from PJ's Antiques (see previous post re PJ's) over the course of probably a year or so. Then one day it all came together and I married them. I had them in one shop or another for quite a while at some rediculous price like $85 for the vanity and chair. Then, when we closed our EC shop last week and our Frederick shop is more than full, so's my garage so I decided to intergrate the pieces into my home. But not before noticing how the stained glass window left over (imagine!) from last year's show house looked like it might fit into the mirror frame. It did! It's a marriage made in heaven. I popped it into the master bath and along with THE NEW TASSEL (see yet another previous post)...well...let's just say I don't mind spending time in there. I can also relax on my bed and view all the fun from atop my book.
The good news for you folks who just can't get that vision up front, call us at Doojies @ No.5 Interiors and we'll help you out so there'll be no more snoozy decorating in your home. We are listed in the Anne Arundel Yellow Pages. Have a blessed, creative day!


shelleyo said...

Round Top/Warrenton was great last week! This week I am in Charleston, SC and I found a BlueBell truck delivering here in SC. The world is getting better and better!

Doojie said...

I knew it would be~good for you! Hey, Charleston is within driving distance~I feel a Blue Bell field trip coming on...