Sunday, May 20, 2007

Big Weekend of Family Adventures!!!!!

Well I jumped the shark by posting Paul's Saturday morning makeover 'cause I shoulda started with Friday night. As you can see, we hooked up with our friends the Simpsons and caught the first day run of Shrek 3~highly recommended. Marge and I laughed our asses off. After the Saturday Morning Cowboy Makeover of 2007 we headed south to College Park just as Gayle and Oprah had told me and went to the original Ledo Restaurant. See the brick like Gayle had behind her in the show? You can't fake that.
Oh my, what a pie! Here's mine with zuccini and bacon! It was fantastic. Thanks Gayle. Thanks Oprah.
Then today, Sunday, it was off to church for another inspirational service. I love our church. And a bonus today were these flowers in perfect bloom...had to share.


Erin Earls said...

Sounds like a fun fun fun week-end! Love the make-over too!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh--great weekend--you always take the best photos!!! Love the 4th Simpson child!!! xo-Mellie