Friday, June 22, 2007

You know it going to be a good day when...

...when you can take these pictures first thing in the morning IN YOUR OWN HOME!!!!!! It helps if the night before, up until you turn your light out, you spend a couple of hours soaking up all the fabulous artwork that you have been blessed to have at your fingertips on your laptop. If I get this wrong I shall correct it later...the final study was Jenny of "everyday's a holiday" who had a party hat on a doll head. That image must have really seeped in during the night because the first thing I did this morning was put two and two together. Just last week I had bought a box lot of doll heads on eBay and hadn't even opened it 'cause that meant opening a pandora's box of comments from all of the four men I live with (not as sexy as it sounds). I had popped them out yesterday and loved them so...then last night...then...yippie! I love how Bettie Mellie Kersnowski (BM, for short) can't stop looking at her new hat, she loves it!!! And who wouldn't 'cause this fab party hat was a gift (swap?) from Mellie of the famed Little Melfie's Studio (gotta click on link on right), it's been in my powder room in a little "ode to Mellie" area. I had to ask her if it offended her that it was in the powder room but she said no 'cause she loves that room. I really love that room too, it's very cool if I do say so myself, so I thought it was fitting but I wanted to make sure she knew where I was coming from...
So, if I was of the creepy ilk I might have thought
that one of Mellie's other fab art pieces in the
same room was telling me what to do...but, as you can see, she's way too sweet to be subliminal, right? Right?
So, here's a shot of the newly decorated nook over my sink. I was having blog-withdrawal as I'm still working on my painting job in Annapolis, making actual money, and had otherwise not been too creative lately...ummm, Tammy, email coming soon to that effect...have a wonderful day!!!


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh, I adore little BM--perfect love child of the Dooj and Parry... Thanks for the sweet words--I've never found it weird or spooky that your necessary room is my shrine... I adore that room--well, all of the rooms in your house--you've got a magazine shoot there if I've ever seen one--but holy moley that powder room!!! I'm honored that you would choose my little pieces to sit in your fab home!!!! xo-Mellie

jenny holiday said...

Loooving your "crazy baby"!! (as I call them) We should all have a crazy baby party in blogland!! I may just have to set that up!!

Your blog is too it to bits!!

Hope your weekend is super fun!!

xoxo Jenny