Friday, July 27, 2007

Day Two, Part Two, The Siren Calls...

During our nap the glizt and glitter must have worked its way out to our subconsciences and lured us to the dark side 'cause we woke up and decided to go to the strip. I got the bug the worst first when we entered the shops in Paris and I stopped to look in a shoe store. Jimmy Choos, etc., never do I look at such things. I tried on a pair of glittery spike heals that I did not want to take off. Then I got to having too much fun holding up my foot and making Matt take one on and put it back on as if I were Cinderella. We were all baffled... ...and, OF COURSE, here's a photo of the shoes I bought. I know, they are very cute and very comfortable, but I'm telling you I was from then on looking at for the perfect gown and Burka bag to go with those other shoes to wear who knows where.
But the dark side wanted a piece of us all and called us to our first ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET. Yes it's true. That's the purest sign that you've fallen in the black hole of Las Vegas!
The highlight of the buffet for me was when Matt and I discovered that they had soft-serve ice cream and SOFT-SERVE FROZEN YOGURT MACHINES. This one is for you, Sis, I still got it! I had to take several photos and even a video I'll share later of me making the perfect curl of frozen yogurt in a cup which I learned to do with my sister 30 years ago this month on the Monterey Peninsula when we first moved there and ran one of the first frozen yogurt places in the U.S. for, unbeknownst to us at the time, big time drug dealer owners and fellow Texans. But that's going to be another whole long post celebrating our 30 year legacy on the Monterey Peninsula later.
And then, not quite as exciting as serving yogurt are the beautiful fountains that go off every hour at the Bellagio. My husband tells me it was featured in the last scene of Ocean's Eleven. It is fantastic, symolcast music and all.
One need only to go to one destination to visit the world, we spent some time in Paris...
...seeing the classic sites.
Mom, I found your car parked outside of Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I told them to give it back, they are looking into it...
We were worn out and not just a little sensory overloaded. Matt was out like a light by the time we pulled out of the strip.

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