Monday, July 16, 2007

I Love Mail!!!!!

Even if I set it up myself, I still get a thrill especially when I get several packages in one day. Not that I do that very often but I am using some of the items for Mellie's birthday THIS WEEK. In addition to the button cards from the swap I also received my order from Catherine at Red Shoes Home Goods. Check it out!!! I love when orders come dressed like a gift from a bff. Here's the BOX she made and what it looked like just opening it. I could have lived happily ever after with just that. THEN I unwrapped the order part of the box (the beautiful soaps were a gift) and voila! I'm embarrassed that my photos don't do these little guys any justice so you'll have to check out her website that I have listed under my links. She's the one of the fairy door fame in case you've heard, if not you need to stop doing chores and start spending more time online or have good friends who keep you up to date on the important things in life. I'm lucky!!!!


GeorgiaPeachez said...

Hi, I received my button cards from the swap over at Speckled Egg and I received one of your cards. It is really sweet! Thanks a bunch! xo, suzy

teresa said...

Oh that Red Shoes Catherine...she's good people. :) Darling little cuties you got!!