Sunday, August 19, 2007

Full Peek at the Aesthetically Finished New Workroom

I finally aesthetically-only finished my new studio work room. So here are the photos, well-edited so that you can't see how I've already got trash on the floor as I treated myself to some creative time in there yesterday and today. I moved along the beloved favorites, like Mr. Man lamp below, on acid today. One of many areas where I stash just one area of my little control problems, ribbon.
I gave you a peek of the setting up of my favorite artists still life but it's full now and ready for the complete view. We've got Hope Wallace, Mel Lobdell, Judie Bomberger, Glynnis Gelaro, Nicole Sayre, black apple, Duncan Todd, Becky Christian, and Whataburger (what a burger should be) all represented just here (there are plenty of other artists represented in other areas).
I got the cutie white shelf/planter from the cottage and the scale (as you may recall from last Sunday) from The Pink Cabbage (NAILED DOWN MELLIE!). I hope to soon turn Prince Albert into a lamp.
Another angle which includes some of the mayhem but also my wonderful "Nurse Nancy" costume from childhood.
My little cutie area which began with taking a book case and adding the old kitchen cabinet doors from Janine's house which she had decoupaged with John Derian prints. I begged them to salvage the ones they could for me and they sweetly obliged when they demolished the kitchen.
Below is the desk that Paul's dad made 40 years ago that I've painted who knows how many different colors until I finally got to my favorite-PINK-and recently found the cabinet on top, painted it to match, and filled it with goodies.
Here are my "gonna be's", all my little sweeties I've collected and restarted the process of making little home collages for them. The two pictures on the right are old faves of mine, one of me and one of Justin that he painted in 2nd grade.
And the requisite Texas vignette complete with my metal Texas Sheriff's gun from childhood.
Check out this hand embroidered linen hand towel I got in Oxford hanging from the drawer pull on my work desk. As if I would wipe glue and glitter on it!!!!
Ever the child, one of my favorite lamps, on my work desk. An antique pink girl on a swing with a fab shade from the cottage and a posie from Alicia Paulson. Below is what the old studio room still looks like. If only a match could just make that room go away! I do have a deadline as Paul has a friend coming to stay with us the second weekend in September so it has to be a guest room by then. A deadline can be a really good thing.
P.S. Little pictures of the other projects I was doing intertwined with all the other rooms I was working on which got me a little over the edge for a while. But now that most of the work is over I'm very happy with the outcomes. This is the second bath upstairs. I hadn't noticed for almost 11 years how dorky the crappy oak cabinets looked with the stupid toe kick the same. So I stained over the existing finish with black stain and painted all the trim the same color and voila!, what a crisp, clean improvement.
All I did in our master bath was paint the gross moulding and toe kick and covered the blind on the window with cheetah fabric. Oh how I love paint. And, fortunately, am very good and fast at it.
The next couple of days will be rest and filling my brain with inspiration through a big stack of mags, books, and blogs. Yippie!


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

My head is swiveling right here at my computer! I want to come over and "finger" all of your goodies! Sorry, that a great-Nana statement as in "don't finger the meat...". She was a pistol! Anyway, everything looks fabulous! Jeez--even the old studio has so many fun elements to peek at! I want to come play soon!!! xo-Mellie

Lori said...

your studio looks fabulous, and i am a little jealous...i would love to have one of my own...i love all of the fun things you have filled yours with, inspiration all around:)