Thursday, August 9, 2007

Texans, Texans Everywhere

I couldn't pass up this scene at our friends', Paul and Julie's, shop PJ's Antiques the other day. Pete is our former landlord from Historic Oella Mill and we discovered years ago that we were both from Texas. He's from Midland, where several other...ummm... famous Texans are from. Pete went to college at University of Texas who is Texas A&M's biggest rival. I grew up in Bryan/College Station where TAMU is. So I poke him about it sometimes and then he tells an Aggie joke. My momma went to UT, my dad to TAMU, but I was born and raised in Kyle field so... Anyway, it wasn't the 50th time Pete and I had visited Paul at the same time but it was the first time we had parked next to each other so I had to put it on record. You can take a Texan out of Texas but you can never take away their pride.

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shelleyroneill said...

Just got my new Texas license plates for my car - goodbye Maine - hello Texas!