Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Did I Get Myself Into?????

Oh my dear goodness (Sis), I have fallen and I can't get up. I accidentally got myself caught in the catch 22 web of home maintenance and upkeep. It's like just when I put out one fire another pops up somewhere else. Okay, I finished Matt's room, I finished our second bathroom upstairs, but then the bathroom looked so much better with a very overdue coat of paint on the baseboards that the bathroom in our bedroom started screaming at me, "11 years and nothing but builders' paint on these baseboards!". Oh they were bad. How could I have not noticed? Too much house, too little brain. I am almost finished with The Kite Runner! It's great(update, finished it, it is great but kind of reminds me of those movies like Country, The River, etc., where you keep thinking, "what could possibly go wrong now and, sure enough, something else bad happens, okay ending though). Finished Middlesex before that and it's a must-read. I was having fun up until I made that pleasant post about how far I had gotten then it's been, so not like me, dragging my heels to finish the rest. I want to lay in bed and read for a week. Oh, be careful what you ask for, I am having my Wally Polly taken out on Monday and hope recovery will be quick for me, the rest just milking it, so I shouldn't complain. Maybe it's Wally bringing me down. I'll go with that. I had imagined that I would have all this done and be spending this and next week in my new studio making fabulous new prizes for my new shop space. I thought I was just going to have fun and then I discovered all this stuff that had needed to be done for a while and the fun was over and the work began. Okay, enough whining...I'm pullin' up my boot straps and getting back on my head (Nene), back to my rat killin' (Dad). I'm gonna try like crazy to get a post of the finished product before my surgery. Wish me luck but mostly energy!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Call me if you need any post-Wally help!!! Milk it for all it's worth, baby!! xo-Mellie