Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Shop Digs, The Pink Cabbage

Just a reminder from a couple of weeks ago of what the front of The Pink Cabbage looks like. Just spent the last three days moving out of our Frederick location and into the Cabbage. I'd been stressing about it for a while but it turns out it was really no worse than doing the DC Big Flea, except for the stairs and I don't have to go back tomorrow, pack it up, and move it again-yay! Mira, Mira Nene, I can be money smart. I'm returning the $65 in hardware for our new dresser and instead I painted it cream and put cream satin bows over the existing pulls, I'm quite pleased with my penny-pinching and the look!
Chandeliers, candy dispensers, and lots o' stuff, oh my!
We offer something for anyone and everyone...
...weird or normal.
I love my new lamp that I made out of an antique bank figurine with a funky Wally World shade.
These next few photos are of another newcomer, Tammy, who has Sweet Things, aptly named as you can see...
More newcomers, Aged to Perfection, three great women who in the blink of an eye turned this little pink nook into a little piece of paradise chocked full of goodies.


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Jinkies, Velma--I'll take one of each--to go!!! It looks fab--I can't wait to get out there to see it in person!!! Love, love, love those cream bows!!! And I'm so glad you slid under the lunch lady radar!! You have too much going on to be slinging hash!!! xo-Mellie

shelleyroneill said...

OOH! Can't wait to visit - and soooo much closer than Frederick! That's a school day field trip for sure. Glad you're feeling good enough to be schlepping stuff up and down the stairs. Know your stuff won't hang around long. See you soon?