Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tomorrow, Sept. 20th, Support the Jena Six

If you don't know the Jena Six story click here to see the full story and what you can do in your area to help support them: . Above are their parents who, in addition to the boys themselves of course, need all the voices and bodies of support they can get. Tomorrow is the sentencing of the second young man, they are going for 22 years in prison. The first boy received an 18 year sentence. Outrageous is such a weak understatement for this situation, although I do feel outrage. I wanted badly to go to Jena at the last sentencing trial then again for this one. I have prayed so very hard about this asking God to guide me, use me for His will as I have felt strongly called by this unbelievable turn of events. On Sunday our pastor preached and quoted, "Let what breaks God's heart break your heart, then act.". Wow. The whole sermon seemed to be just for me. I came away even more determined to go to Jena and stand up in person for these young men. My husband was adamantly against it (because of safety not the issue) and no one was stepping up to commit to go with me. I kept thinking that if even one person offered to go, I'd do it. I even had several generous friends offer cash donations to help support my trip. So I prayed harder and harder and told God he'd have to make this decision because I couldn't. Then Monday night I checked my email and had one from ColorOfChange announcing a march tomorrow, September 20th, from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol in DC. PRAYERS ANSWERED!!! So I'll be there in my black outfit and sign and feel that I am doing the most I can do to try to help correct this awful behavior, I beg that you do what you can also, they have an online petition that all you have to do is go on and sign up (last trial they had 43,000 online signatures). We've done this already, we've done this decades and centuries before, we should not be fighting the same battles, this must end.

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