Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I've gone a little nutty with the nest recently but JoAnn's is out of the ornaments so until my next original inspiration (forget that...truly original ideas only come every 10 years or so, the rest are "inspired" by others) comes the ones left are the only ones there'll be. I have a couple on Etsy along with some of the other things I'm showing here. This nest was kind of hard to photo getting all elements in but in the nest is the Sweetest Occupied Japan little pixie sitting in a cute little wooden trellis.
Another Etsy listing..."Clara Wins First Place", Clara being a retired roller derby queen who had won first place in her long, illustrious career.
Nest in the shop. I was lucky enough to snap up a set of these large antique paper umbrellas from Tammy at The...dur...Pink Cabbage before anyone else caught sight of them.
The pixie clown necklace is on Etsy for fun, fun jewelry.
This butterfly habitat is in the shop along with...
..this new assembledge made of an antique dress form as the base and "dressed up" (pun intended) with antique and new elements. I do love birds and nature-inspired things, can you tell?

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

You're a genius, my friend! I love them all-especially the trophy wife-I mean nest!!! xo-Mellie