Friday, February 15, 2008

Walking on Ice or Air?

After my sister visited here she sent me this picture and a long letter letting me know that she thought my life here was like this. Too fast paced, too rat raced, too walking on egg shells. It wasn't the best cross-section of time to do a full study. All my family was here for the first time, I was turning 50 and having a big party, wanted everyone to see everything they wanted to and have a good time, I had just spent the month before getting ready to go to Silver Bella, and the day the fam left I had to pack my car for SB in Omaha, the day after that my mom and I left for a week long road trip to Nebraska. Not my usual "day in the life of..." Although the photo is an uncanny likeness.I have to say that I have never really gotten used to the pace here; I mean we are squeezed between one of the most violent cities in the U.S. and the most powerful city in the world. Criminals and power-mungers aren't exactly the grillin' and chillin' types. I love the quote from the car insurance commercial where he says, "Let's treat others more like they are people and less like they are in our way.", Amen. Now we just need to convince 3 million other folks to get on board with it.
So my guru, Oprah, said infatically to rush out and get this book-that it will change your life. Well, you know if I go to Ledo's Pizza in College Park the day after Gail King says it's good, I'm gonna to get the book. I was in the middle of a great book my sis gave me for my birthday but I thought I'd better get to this first. Then Oprah is doing the world's biggest book club online for this book. Okay, I loved Middlesex, I hated/didn't get The Road, and I have The Pillars of the Earth next to the bed, too. But this book is really great. So deep that I really need a nap before reading; it takes some concentration, at least for me. So far I'm leaning toward Buddiahism but I haven't read very far yet. It's already a little freaky like in Getting the Love You Want where you find out that your conscience is run by your subconscience which you have no control over; I'm still pondering that one. I'll keep you posted but my recommendation it to rush out and get it...Oprah said so...

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