Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

All I wanted for Easter was to see these pancakes and/or eat them in person. The Easter Bunny heard my prayers. We went to IHOP after church and Alec ordered these (along with the eggs we made him get to try to balance things out). I ate what was left over which was very little but it was really good. The "syrup" is actually real boysenberry and blueberry sauce and the candy covered chocolates aren't bad either. It looks to me like something that Amy Powers would make on Easter or have for her birthday (btw~Happy Birthday Amy!!!), but I know she's a fabulous and much more sophisticated cook. It does, however, look like something the folks who live in her glitter houses would eat, does it not? This critic says, "go for it!".

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Miss Sandy said...

How creative and cute!!! Love that you just kept blinging! The frame idea is wonderful and I love the little lanterns strung across the front!