Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just like yesterday but really almost 20 years later. Happy Birthday Justin!!!

Here we are in what seems like yesterdayland. Left to right-Justin, 18 months; Maya, 5; Lucas, 3 1/2. And still in yesterdayland, Justin, 2 1/2 playing in the backyard "pool" in Texas.
And todayland, reality, 22 years old and too old to spank him for trying to ride his "bike" when Mommy's not comfortable. Good thing he's got a nice car too and I always pray for rain (I like rain anyway but what a plus that he won't ride in it).
Handsome, smart, level-headed, happy/well adjusted (contrary to the middle child syndrome), with a the goldest heart in history. And yes ladies, still available. He's a little shy but loyal as all get-out. Happy Birthday my sweet boy, I love you with all my heart, Mom


Julia said...

If he ever comes through College Station, I have a 20 year old that I would like him to meet.

How in the hell do we have kids in their 20's?

Ugh...pour me another glass of wine, while I try to take this all in....Love, Julia

Maya Perez said...

What a handsome cousin. Thanks for posting this blog. It's fun to look at the pictures. Happy Birthday Justin!!