Saturday, June 7, 2008

Matt's first school dance!

Friday night we attended Matt's first dance and, since he's a 5th grader, it was even more special. Please enloy these party pics of dudes dancin'...
Here's Matt with his tightest buds. "Our" Alec is next to him. You can see they are serious artists.
Here's an example of one of Matt's groove moves...
...and Alec on the left, Apollo in the middle, and Matt on the right.
Group overview picture, there was a nice crowd but just enough so there was room for them to cut loose.
Good thing this kid has his back turned so I don't have to pix elate his face. It was too funny to watch. This little guy got fixated on Matt near the end of the dance and followed him EVERY WHERE. When Matt stopped, so did he; when Matt danced, he did the exact moves. This went on for almost 30 minutes. Matt was irritated but just tried to ignore him and didn't say anything encouraging or rude. Except maybe "the look". He was the Ever Ready bunny, he just kept going and going. It was such a fun outing; Paul and I enjoyed watching the kids have a great time and loved that Matt wasn't shy like we were at that age. He's definitely his own man.

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Congratulations, Matt!!! So glad they had such a fun send off! xo-Mellie