Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trip to O.C.

We, well mainly I, had been needing to get away lately-a change of scenery. With a failed attempt to get to Oxford a couple of weeks ago, I was determined to get us to Ocean City for Paul's birthday weekend. School was out on Friday, Paul's day, so we left that morning and had until Sunday to relax once there. Above is a photo of someone else on the beach as we were leaving on Sunday, the first time the whole weekend that the sun had come this was NOT the weather we was cloudy and mostly raining the rest of the weekend.
This is NOT where we stayed but it looked nice...
...this is NOT where we stayed either but I thought it was cute...
...cute too but NOT where we stayed.
We stopped off at The Boardwalk on our way out of town but we did NOT ride a cart down the walk.
We did NOT go to any of these places but we did get a kick out of the names. So that's it on our "vacation" to Ocean City...highly recommended.

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Wanda said...

My sister took me to Ocean City once and I got was my oldest soon's first time at a beach. Phillips All-You-Can-Eat was pretty darn good. My sister is actually going to be at SB with me....I convinced her right in time. I can't wait to meet you. You Texans are crazy....I know this to be true...I married one..oy. :)