Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Latest Guru

I found MaryJanesFarm magazine at Borders in Omaha and instantly fell in love with it. It could have been one of the factors of me suddenly feeling contented with where I live and stopped day dreaming about moving to Nebraska or Texas. I'm going to bring that feeling to where I am.
It kind of reminds me of when I first read Laurel's Kitchen back in the 80's; about how to make every day life of running a home creative instead of mundane. I'm so inspired and can't wait to start making those changes. Actually, I have, working on re-habbing (read cleaning and organizing AGAIN) my work room so I can unpack all my fab Nebraska treasures and boxes of things waiting my attention in the garage.
Check out her website at http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/ and I highly recommend subscribing to her magazine. It also inspires healthy living by means of organic cooking and recycling. Bonne elan!

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