Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Swap, swap, where is the swap?

As I mentioned last, I said I would show some photos of swap items that were not on the swap Christmas tree I decorated yesterday. These two are from the heart, pun intended. Some I am wearing as jewelry as in Hope Ellington's spoon. Above is the sachet that BFF from elementary school I got from Julia. I have it on my mirror in my master bath where I can enjoy and see it every day plus I love the look of the little added touch.
I have to give Julia this nod, I think I have show this before but I must include it here again, this is a treat that Julia made for me when we were both living in Houston when our children were young. It's been at least 20 years. A little grapevine wreath with a red painted heart and bow of red raffia. She was way ahead of her time. It has lived and moved all over the country so many times I can't count. It's a friendship heirloom just as all the swap items from the last few years will become over time; not since 2nd grade but still...
I've got Karen Lea's silver spoon swap piece in my bedroom next to some faux flowers I love and where I can see and enjoy every day. Before Silver Bella, Julia kept telling me, "You will not believe what Karen did for that swap!", she was soooo right! Who would think of taking a spoon, adding a nest, bird, and ribbon, and make it into a pincushion?!
Close up of Karen's talent. These are the details at home that make home a place where I love being. When I can't see enough beauty in the outside world all I have to do is come home, look around and can't help but smile not only from the beauty of the piece but as a reminder of the beauty of the women who made them. That's why I don't see these as material possessions but a piece of a friend's art from their heart. May all of you be so blessed.


Julia said...

Well......that was a "happy" hit to my heart. Thanks for the post. Your art is displayed front and center in my house too....just need to take photos!

Your swap tree is adorable....glad it was your year to decorate.

Love, Julia

Linda said...

Have a very merry Christmas!!! I left you an award on my blog!