Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yeeeeeee Stinkin' Hawwwwwwwwwwwww

In less than a 24 hour period, starting night before last at around 7, I got a phone call from Lucas and Kristen in a very-only mamma-can-fix crisis, talked long and deep with both of them, had a heart-to-heart-decision-making conference with Paul about coming here, booked a ticket, packed my bags, called Julia to see if she had ANYTHING better going on than to pick me up at Houston Hobby the next day and drive me to Bryan/College Station from whence I came into the world and my heart and soul have dwelled ever since, went to bed at 10:30, got up at 5:00 a.m., airport at 6 on the runway at 7:30, drooled all the way until the pilot announced we were 110 miles from Houston at which time I began to bawl my eyes out as I finally realized that I was landing in my heart and soul within minutes after 6 way too long years since my last visit (which amounted to only a few hours in the last 20 years) to Mecca, deplaned, called Julia who drove around to get me, went on the grand tour of her Northwest Houston fabulous home, stop at the first Whataburger in sight, drove to B/CS, drove to Lucas and Kristen's, hugged/kissed, Julia and I took the historic tour of our elementary schools, our childhood homes (mine was elongated by bouts of hysterical, sentimental crying jags, usually 10-15 minutes each), onto Cindy's house (known her since we were 4?...do the math...no help from me-info in past posts will give obvious hints and definite numbers to work with) for a 20 year catch-up, back to Lucas and Kristen's by 6 p.m., change into warmer clothes, Lucas, Kristen, and I take a long memory (and new) walk through campus to North Gate to land at Mecca II (and supplemental address growing up starting at 15)...The Dixie Chicken where I had no less than a deep spiritual renewal (I'm really not shittin' about any of this) of Shiner beer, London Home Sick Blues, Willie, Waylan and the boys, chicken fried steak, and, OF COURSE several games of pool where Kristen sucked up nicely by "letting" me win-I was ON MY GAME, back to the casa for side-splitting, poop-in-your-pants, on-the-floor-rolling-in-tears laughing attack provided by JustAskDoug (a buddy's dad of K/L on YouTube), (Shiner and other "alterations" enhance the experience), 1/2 hour to regain composure, get in jammies, into bed (we all had to "sleep" in the same room because of security-more on that later, especially in the screenplay which I worked on in my head most of the night), and, finally, after no one getting any sleep mostly because of me and "Doug" (remember, I told y'all to watch Multiplicity asap), up and ready to kick some ass on a long list of gettin' these two sweeties back on track. Knowing I don't need to say so, but will, of course anyway, there will be much more and many more details, photos, fill-in-the-blanks, and off to Austin tomorrow for New Year's Eve, meeting The Great Doug and yet-to-be-critically-fully-assessed, Carol (things are looking good for her and the Oscar buzz has definitely hit Highland Street in College Station, TX. Kudos and a bow if you followed some of this, a free 72 oz. chicken fried steak if you absorbed it all. I'm just guessing that I don't need to tease you with a "stay tuned", I think I've got y'all by the b's. As Morgan Freeman and Jim Carey would say, "It's good". I'm in cotton.


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Tina said...

HOly COW! that place looks fimilar..lol.. glad your having a good time..I'm going down there on Sunday, I have a paint job ;) Have fun and eat at the Chicken Oil for me..fried pickles..yuuumm!

Doojies said...

Funny you should say, Tina, I tried fried pickles for the first time at Silver Bella in Omaha in November...not exactly a Shipley donut but pretty good.

Linda, Whoop is right! Walking all the way across campus was so awesome; I can't believe how big Kyle Field is. I was thinking of you.