Sunday, April 26, 2009

Since then...

...I've been getting back to life here. You saw that I had played with my Round Top toys and I'm still playing with them but also I had some commitments like the shop and a "drop show" with Hillary from Chicks Picks. Here are two photos she took of my art for her home show and put on her... advert. I'd always say that something's not lost, I just can't find it at the moment...couldn't find at the moment the order Hillary had placed with me while I was at the DC Big Flea for this show so I winged it. I remembered the candles of which I made many more and I knew which of my things she had liked so I made more of those and pulled the ones I had that she'd admired. Anyway, I was up 'til the wee hours of the morning that I was to deliver said items but I got 'er done. I "drug" Nene along so we could stop in at Out On A Whim and Lucketts on the way home. Oh yeah, we had fun and picked up a few fun things...later on that.
And instead of doing laundry and cooking, as I said, I've been playing with my Round Top toys. I got the tin toy on eBay because this was one of the ideas I'd had in mind when I got the "Hoova" and scuba have the scuba diver "coming out of the water" and some kind of worldly fun thing on top.
Close up of the inside of my head, you think that's scary-I still haven't shared the latest in my powder room with you. Gently I show you.
Also, I've been playing with the shelf in my bedroom. Here I have new items from Hillary, Luckett's, and The Vintage Shoppes on Main Street in Ellicott City. And I missed signing up for Silver Bella this year! They moved the sign up time a couple of months earlier than in past years and by the time I found out it was open it was shut. Zennnnn...I've already been to Texas, a.k.a. heaven, twice this year and am planning another for the end of school so no complaining-truly.

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Julia said...

Silver Bella knowing there's a party, and we're grounded. Ugh. We will survive. And think of the money we're saving that we can spend on something else.

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