Monday, May 18, 2009

New Highlights before and after and one new thing-oh boy!

Okay, four new things on the front porch-same prize...
...three new things, one you can't see-what a fun challenge!
New item. I really wish I had taken before pics, only Nene saw how bad it was when I bought it. The little white table next to the chair was completely broken and rusted outside at Lucketts. I got it for a song, brought it home, and fixed it and painted part of it. I left some of the rusty spots 'cause I like the way they looked. The "statue" is part of the lamp that runs through the middle of the table. I already had the shade on another lamp...yada, yada, perfect is it? It's always so much fun to get something for almost nothing, especially when you love it when finished. Okay, you've earned a real post. Next up...Longggg Island.

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