Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh my, just for little ol' me?

Last night was my farewell pot luck given to me by the Pink Cabbagites. It was so fab, so overwhelming with wonderful women, wine, and tons of fun. We started at six with a short business meeting regarding our Strawberry Days Event coming up on May 31st-fundraiser for American Cancer Society. Then we had time to have cocktails, but by the time to eat it was also time for Idol to start. The majority of us had been watching all season but the gals who either aren't big fans and, one who'd never seen it, were good sports and even got into it I think.
Idol dominated but during adverts WE dominated and still had time to laugh and play.
And be "secretive"!?
You can see by all the photos that we had a great group...of course it's always a great's a great group of women. Sniff, sniff...I'm not going there yet, I still have 'til the end of the month.
The gifts were not even something I'd thought of and was so pleasantly surprised as with the beautiful tulips above...
...the big, beautiful pink and white bouquet, wonderful hydrangeas-one of my faves, and the elephant tea pot of which this is my third of the same design, each one a little different-now an official collection!
And my own gift to myself yesterday-the pink metal organizer which I installed onto the cream "island" table in the kitchen. I has a rack under each knob, for plastic wrap, foil, waxed paper, paper towels. It was at (all together now...) THE PINK CABBAGE.
The only way Jody would let me "host" the party at my house was to promise not to do a thing. Well I didn't if you don't count repainting the hallway, rearranging certain things (not like me at all), and clean like never before. What better inspiration to not just play but really clean-really clean-closets and all. Not that I thought anyone would look in a closet but I was just inspired. I only have one "bad" room left-my work room. It will come after the Strawberry Days; I'll be working on getting my things together for that. Okay...back to the food. FOOD, picture Homer Simpson laying on the couch with drool dripping out and that's a good start for last night's profferings. Huge shrimp cocktail, spinach dip, crab dip for appetizers...then onto shrimp salad, Greek salad, spinach and strawberry salad, fresh crescents. Then cup cakes and chocolate whipped cream yummy. Did I mention 238 bottles of wine? It was all so fabulous and I feel so honored that they went to all this trouble for little ol me. Okay, I also know that we all love any reason to have a get together and party! Thank all y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julia said...

I am SO copying the candle with the frozen the one I soldered in Sally Jean's class broke off. Do you think the heat from the candle with thaw frozen charlotte out?

I know you are the size of that gathering. They are going to miss you and your art.

Have fun napping and eating bon-bons.....isn't that what stay at home moms do all day?

Well, I thouht it was.... which might be the reason I gained quite a few pounds the first 2 or 3 years I stayed home. of luck in this newest chapter of your very wonderful life.

xoxo, Julia

Julia said...

Well.....I type soooo fast that I said "with thaw" instead of "will thaw" ....just pretend I type with a lisp.

Doojies said...

She's seems pretty dang frozen and I've been using the candle a lot. Kind of that Jane Eyre frozen, not Hester Pryne! Not bon-bons but but Chocolate Cutie Pies from Wally-World. And I'm not a stay at home mom; I'm a woman on a break...a break...not a breakdown for once. And I'm heading to Tejas as soon as the last bell rings on June 19!!! Can yo believe it's so late? I might come ahead with Andre' (my oldest black child) and have Matt fly to meet us. Justin is jonesing for me to get there soon after he's abandoned by bro and sis, so we'll see but you WILL be spending some time in Bryan this time!!!!