Friday, May 29, 2009

Small projects for big event

In thinking for over a month that I was completely moving out of the shop plus The Strawberry Days on Sunday, I've been pulling out every dang thing that's not being useful or giving me a buzz to look at and slapping on paint, or not, to get it ready for my yard sale booth on Sunday. Above is my new coffee table thanks to a great trip to Nene's yesterday. She was getting ready to take it to the dump (I know, it didn't even make her cut!) when I asked about it. It was immediately mine. Brought it home, washed out the spiders, webs, and eggs, dried it, and popped that bad boy under the Hoova, and voila!!!! I totally heart it. I swear these are the kinds of tables they sell at Round Top for $400. Another bonus is that more of my beautiful Mc-K-C rug shows even more. The cool off-white piano bench that was there is now FOR SALE at the shop...
...I got this as a project piece from one of Nene and my's secret places I got for the shop. The wood was raw pine, like it had been stripped and left-I loved it. But the upholstery was bright red with tiny gold stars. I didn't feel like taking the time or money to re-do too much so I spray painted the whole thing, upholstery and all, off-white which makes the fabric still soft to touch but also makes the fabric look like old, faded pink. I liked it so much I plopped in at the table in our family room and it looks too good and comfy and actually useful that I'm keeping it-for now. I don't have to be quite so frantic now that I'm not thinking of Sunday as THE LAST DAY I'LL EVER SELL ANYTHING. Whew! Better hurry to the previous post for explaination.

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Tina said...

Very cool table!! And that chair, can't believe you sprayed the fabric too..crazy~