Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bermuda shorts

Even though we've been home over a week and I haven't completely unpacked my suitcase yet, I'm determined to do this post before y'all loose interest. Several days, including the day we flew in, it rained. That's why it's so beautifully colorful and lush there. This day the clouds were rolling toward us, the other tourists ran, we got the best spot on the beach, then it rained lightly for a few minutes, the main part of the storm staying out at sea. It's handy to travel with a meteorologist and be well versed in the study of said area. You can see how blue the sea is and the sand has a pink hue. Beautiful!
Matt's definitely a fish to the water. He met a Texas brother and sister the first day and ended up playing at the beach with them two days. Another day he played with some other Texans. You can't swing a dead horse anywhere and not hit a Texan...we're everywhere.
There are actually 181 islands that make up Bermuda. We used the bus and the ferry to get around from end to end to see all. If you aren't careful and watching, just minding your own business...
...the captain will put your son in the driver's seat and let him drive the ferry across the open sea!!!! It was so fun to see him having so much fun and power.
Happy to be near water.
Lucas tells me this is the very latest in water sports, the new cool thing to do. I thought the dude was just differn't. Paddling standing on your surf board. Makes sense when you're somewhere there aren't waves but you want to get around. Pretty cool when you think about it.
The grounds of the hotel where we stayed were beautiful featuring even really friendly ducks.
Color from the flora, from the sea, sky, and even the houses. The traditional Bermudan homes are painted a wide assortment of bright colors from orange to mint green. There's just color everywhere and for a person like me it's just great visual stimulation. Not overdone in my opinion, just perfect for there.
And great, fun places to eat. The locals and tourists eat at the same places which makes it even more fun to get to interact or see how they get to live. Most get to work three jobs just to make ends meet; things are very expensive there, if you think $7 for a loaf of bread is expensive. Everything has to be imported so it's high. Where else would a native Bermudan want to live-no where, it's an island family of friends. I wouldn't leave either. of the less expensive little snack eateries we found in St. George. Food can't taste bad when it's served in a pink restaurant.
We were warned about The Swizzle as we arrived on the bus from the airport so we went there twice. Great food and laid back locals, pub food. Of course the above sign says it all for me. How can you not relate. It applies to most excellent women too! These are the photos I took. Paul took many more and many more of us so if I ever get them from him I'll had them on. It was a great trip, very relaxing but you also feel like you "do" something because you are hanging out on a boat on the way to another restaurant!


Julia said...

Juh-el-us. But so glad you had fun. Now get ready for college.

xoxo, Julia

Maya Perez said...

I'm so jealous too! Looks like tons of fun! I want to take a trip now!

Linda said...

I agree......very jealous. Great photos!

Maya Perez said...

I love the one with Paul and all the beers! That's my kind of place!

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

I am totally living vicariously through you! So glad you got away to such a beautiful location!!! How stinking cute is Matt? xo-Mel

Tina said...

oh gal! what a great get-a-way you guys had!! Wonderful sites and wonderful times I'm sure!!! Thanks for sharing it with us ;)