Friday, July 3, 2009

What WILL I do next... keep from having to face that stinking workroom? Well, since you asked, today I went to give Julie a "corrective" haircut and some things caught my eye. One was a "Betty" lamp; an antique lamp that used candles but has been converted to electrical use; perfect for my little closet.
Speaking of the little closet, here are some updated photos since I reigned myself in a bit so that the other shops had more room to get in and out of and move furniture, bodies, etc.
The before photo of my front porch, blah, huh? Was I just in love with it a couple of weeks ago? I must be confusing myself with someone else.
During the same haircut I saw that there was a great price on a three piece wicker set (not that I didn't already have one of those, but blah, right?)-this is PJ's we're talking about here. My racing mind jumped at it. Then, taking the lamp right out to the closet, I pondered the old green rockers we'd had on the front porch that had not worn well out in the elements so I sold Jody on the idea of ridding them via me and letting me replace them with my own set of wicker chairs with the couch at the side of the building. I mean, it's a very nice set I now have for sale but I'd had it, what, two weeks. I had been a few years...very long for me.
Does it not look fetching? Well, apparently I went too far for some and I'm way in the dog house for switching the full size wicker couch for a love seat. I mean ranting and raving. But once that part is over it turns quite peaceful for me while I get frozen out. AND, if I get locked out, I have this nice porch with a comfortable chaise to sleep on. Win-Win! And just look how much cuter the off-white wicker looks in front of the shop and how much better it looks without the funky old green rockers now on my porch. Win-Win!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

I considered your porch perfect before - actually considered moving there at least through the warm months! However, it is sheer self control that keeps me from moving on to the new improved porch. Oh, Stephanie, I love, love, love it and I think it looks like you now. If I saw that porch I would think about how much you'd love it! Sorry to hear it caused a little upset - you know change is hard. My new question for Kurt is "on a scale of 1 to pissed where would this fall?". I feel sure I could live with pissed! You're brilliant! xo-Mellie