Sunday, August 9, 2009

Julie and Julia

Run, don't walk, to your nearest theater to see this one. It lives up to the hype that it's the feel-good movie of the summer (of as long as I can remember if you ask me). It's sweet and funny and not just a chick flick; it's got something for everyone. Then check out the blog from which the true story came at The Julie/Julia Project . Not to change the subject to a negative one but I was disturbed by all the previews prior to this wonderful movie. So many dark movies out and coming out. What's up with that? Life can be so/too serious why a movie about the distruction of the Earth? I'm not talking sensorship, I'm just truly curious as to why folks want to see such darkness. I also like real life stories and can handle tragedy and true emotion but why put yourself in a fantasy about such creepy darkness. Perhaps it's just not for the clinically depressed, medicated or not. Anyway, even more reason to support a wonderful movie like this one, I hope it's number one at least one week.

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