Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pre-Flea shopping

One day before the flea I snuck out on all the boys and went to The Queen's Ink a short way down the road to Savage Mill to make sure I was using all the newest art papers and accessories on the things I was making last minute to take with me.
It's the only true, locally owned, art shop we have here; the rest are the big name places with a lot of the s.o.s. The Queen's Ink always has the latest of the latest. They also have classes there with big names-Tim Holtz, Catherine Moore, etc. along with the latest techniques.
If you are running low on inspiration before you get there your tank will surely get full after your trip. They have the latest, greatest supplies plus lots of artwork to fuel that artistic fire.
These are just a very few examples of what they have for inspiration. No way to show all the fab stuff you can buy to make them or other things that come to mind while there. It's called The Queen's Ink because it started out as mainly a stamp shop. They still have a plethora of totally cool stamps and inks but oh so much more to add to that. Google or MapQuest it...The Queen's Ink, Savage, Maryland-hurry!


Anna Sophia said...

I know! I could just LIVE in that store!! :)

Vintage Sue said...

Queen's Ink is the bomb! I'm not even into those crafts but can appreciate it. Now I've got to take my sister there; thanks for reminding me! XOX