Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip to Penn State

What to do, what to do?  They were having another, bigger, better reunion for my high school last weekend, the same weekend as the 75th anniversary of the Meteorological Department at Penn State where Paul received his PhD.  I knew it was a big deal and I had just been to B/CS, Texas in May for a reunion so, even though I really wanted to go again, I knew what the right thing to do was.  And I even did it!  And I'm so glad.  They did a very nice job marking the occasion.
Here we are with Ron and Glynnis.  Ron is also a meteorologist and works for NASA.  Glynnis got her masters at Penn State; they all met there.  So Paul has known them for a long time and I met them when Paul and I were first married and we all lived in Monterey at the same time.  Ron and Glynnis and their children moved here near us ten years ago and we love them.  Their daughter is going to be a junior at Penn State this year and their son a freshman.  How cool that their kids are following in the family footsteps.
Paul and some of the boys from the department.  Fred, second to the right, has been the face of the department for a very long time; he's an icon and quite a character.
More of the gang...students and professors.
Jon Neese did a fabulous job of putting together a really wonderful video celebrating the history of 75 years.  They gave each of us a copy of it on DVD and we will cherish it (besides, Paul is in it a couple of times!).

Also last weekend was the arts and crafts fair which State College is famous for.  There were too many vendors for us to see even half of them but there was wonderful art.  Speaking of art, Paul's dad, Art, went with us and had a grand time.  Here are Paul, Matt, and Art standing in front of a building that had a huge mural painted on it.  If you'll notice, JoPa (Joe Paterno) is right above Art.

Matt in a book store with "JoPa".  He's already decided he's going to Penn State-Paul took him to a football game there before I could get him to an A & M game-no fair!  I'm adjusting slowly but surely.  He wants to be an astrophysicist.  Oh yeah, he gets that from me!
Another view of the beautifully painted wall.  I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures while we were out and about.  Missed some great sidewalk chalk art and many others...I was just too busy looking.  It was a great weekend all together; I'm so glad I made the right decision.

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