Thursday, November 4, 2010

Visit to Penn State

This last weekend Paul, Matt, and I went to State College for a Penn State game.  The game was Saturday night but we left late Friday afternoon so we would have at least one day that we didn't have to drive.  It's about 3 1/2 hours from here. 
Actually we stayed in Bellefonte, a beautiful, small, quaint town near State College.  Paul and Matt had attended a game last year during one of my trips to Texas and found this great B&B in Bellefonte.  It's a couple's home where they rent rooms during game weekends. 
This was a perfect house in a perfect place-I could have moved right in.  What a fab getaway.
Here is our hostess, Jill, along with Paul and Matt.  What a wonderful, gracious hostess she was.  The home, the food, all the accommodations were fabulous.
Jill is a retired school librarian and her husband is an-almost retired minister.  Jill is a weaver and a very talented weaver at that.  This and several rooms in their home reminded me of pictures of Carl Larson's still my Swedish heart.
One of Jill's looms in the works.
Some of Jill's works of art.  She makes rugs, throws, scarves, pillows, etc.  All beautiful.
A little close up...
...and another.
The beautiful living room.  The house was amazing and I spent way more time studying than taking photos.

The bottom of two separate floors of the same room in the back of the house that have three walls of windows overlooking the most wonderful back yard and carriage house.
Oh yeah, and we went to the game.

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Julia said...

I think I get what makes me laugh when I see this picture.

It looks like you and Matt are the kids and Paul is the father. You look about 8 years old with that beanie cap and jacket on....and
"the mom" is taking the picture.

Good thing you went to that game so you could stay at that B&B. Small price to pay.

xoxo, Julia