Friday, December 24, 2010

Cabbage Girls' Holiday Party

Every year someone volunteers to have our shop, The Pink Cabbage, holiday party at their home.  This year it was Daryl, the wonderful woman above.
Graciousness and fabulousness are understatements for what we were to experience as soon as we walked in the door until we reluctantly left.
To say Daryl's home is beautiful is another understatement.  This photo, as each photo, don't  do near enough justice to how wonderful everything is.  Her whole house is decorated to the nines with Christmas everywhere; all so beautiful and stunning. 
A close up of her main tree.  Wrapped in gold tulle, gold beaded rope, huge silk magnolias, and gold and silver shine and glitter.  It looks professionally done; well, I guess you could call her a professional because she could surely get paid to decorate trees and homes!
One of the many vignettes that are all around the house~snowman with candles and holly.  It's really impossible to show all the grandness.  Next year she should give tours!
Part of the party was to have an ugly Christmas sweater contest.  Some of us got really into it; me going onto eBay and buying one of the hundreds offered.  I didn't know before that this is apparently a popular ritual as there were so many to choose from.  Above are some silly sports.
And the winner was our own ringleader, Jody.  Please note the elastic waist on the stretch pants.  What you can't see here is her how the pants are above her ankles (part of having them hiked up well above her navel), the white socks, and the white Keds.  She looked exactly like someone out of my junior high class.  Especially funny for the usual fashion maven.
A good look at Jackie's sweater and what Emma, on the left, thinks of it.
Here's one with me.  No way to take good enough photos of my sweater but it has a full size teddy bear, big ornaments, plastic flowers, and light-up lights!  It was really something.
Janine and I; Janine in a way more tasteful sweater, me feeling pregnant.
Some of the tasteful beauties.  Daryl, left; Nancy, middle; Karen, right.
We also had a "white elephant", "Yankee swap"~"naughty Christmas" gift exchange.  In case you don't know, the Yankee swap or naughty Christmas is where you can choose to either pick a gift from the pile of take a gift from someone else who has already opened one.  Jody ended up with this super-soft throw which went through...I don't know how many people.  They said it was only suppose to be stolen twice but since I broke a couple of other rules that one went out the window too.  There was no prying this off her!
And another popular one was what Karen ended up with~hemorrhoid cream and Nancy Pelosi toilet paper! 

It was a great night.  The food and drinks were wonderful also but the company was the best.  Thanks Daryl and all my Cabbage buddies!

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